Of the Spheres @ Crawick Multiverse

Of the Spheres @ Crawick Multiverse Solstice ritual on the land with Google Cardboard. A 360 experience in honour of the sun - involving th ...
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We too once lived in this house of stars, and we thought of you @ Atlantic Center for the Arts

We too once lived in this house of stars, and we thought of you @ Atlantic Center for the Arts An outdoor AV interactive experiment in wil ...
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C A S C A D E @ Festival of Climate Ideas

C A S C A D E @ Festival of Climate Ideas During Onca Network's Festival of Climate Ideas, we are initiating a new project – C A S C A D E ...
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Between Worlds @ The Spire

Live event exploring non-verbal communication: how we perceive and receive across space without words using sound, touch, feeling, light, symbols. We - Louis D'aboville, Rachel Blackman, Kate Genev ...
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Digital Spotlight

Digital Spotlight@ Phoenix Arts ...
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Brighton Digital Festival

open( system ) @ Embassy Court Details on Brighton Digital Festival C H R Θ M A are opening the doors on their Vi ...
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ONEIRIC ARCHIVES @ Camp and Furnace, Liverpool

Experiments in recording dreams of groups of people. Under the mentorship of Apela Colorado: Kate Genevieve and Will Scobie combine to document the dreams of the ...
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Catalyst Club

Catalyst Club KG talk about dream research & the creative unconscious. ...
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Artist's Story @ Fabrica Gallery, Brighton

An illustrated talk as part of the Marcus Coates [Dawn Chorus exhibition]( at Fabrica Gallery) . ...
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2014 Workshops

Feeling, Sensing, Perceiving Workshops Open Workshops led by Rachel Blackman and KG on sense-responsive technology and performance. ...
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Artist Talk Brighton Digital Festival 2013

Kate Genevieve and Paul Hayes talk about the questions and research behind Of the Spheres and the open call out for publicly created content during Brighton’s Digital Festival 2013. ...
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Camp Bestival 2012

C H R Θ M A, Brightonart and Two Tigers Fireworks joined forces for the second year running to create a Son et lumière show for Camp Bestival 2012. The projected animation tells the story of some u ...
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Panel @ State of Mind Expo

Art and the Scientific Study of Consciousness panel at State of Mind Expo Impulse featured in the Sackler Centre's State of Mind Expo at the Corn Exchange in June 2012. Kate curated an Art ...
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Camp Bestival 2011

C H R Θ M A created a 10 minute animation for projection on Lulworth Castle for Camp Bestival 2011. Inspired by the Medieval theme of the festival, we collaborated with Two Tigers Fireworks ...
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